Shipping & Returns



8.1       Any claim in relation to goods supplied must be made within seven (7) days of delivery.


8.2       Any claim must identify the goods, the invoice number and the date of the invoice.


8.3       Goods cannot be accepted by CHS representatives or agents unless the customer has given notification to and received authority from CHS, and such authority must be attached to the goods.  Faulty goods or incorrectly supplied goods will be collected by CHS representative or agent on the next visit unless alternative means have been arranged and authorised by CHS. 


8.4       CHS will not be responsible for any freight cost associated with the return of goods.


8.5       CHS will issue a credit note for goods returned in the following circumstances:


  • if the goods are returned in original saleable condition;


  • in relation to goods claimed to be faulty due to a manufacturing defect – after inspection and acceptance of the claim by a CHS representative or agent;


  • in relation to goods that are not part of CHS normal inventory lines as listed in the CHS Price List – only if CHS has consented to provide a credit note prior to return of the goods (and CHS may withhold its consent without having to assign any reason for doing so).


8.6       CHS reserves the right to charge a restocking fee equal to the costs it incurs in dealing with goods returned by the customer.


8.7       Goods being returned for credit must be made available on the next visit by a CHS representative or agent.  If the goods are not made available at that time, the customer will be deemed to have accepted the goods and normal trading terms will apply.


8.8       Despite anything to the contrary in these terms, CHS reserves the right to refuse to accept returns of goods other than in respect of faulty or defective goods.


8.9       The customer remains liable to pay for goods ordered where:


  • the customer does not use CHS product codes; or


  • the customer uses incorrect product codes.